Simply put, we deliver 1rst party real-time leads right to your CRM, helping dealers work smarter and selling more inventory.

Car Zoo matches and acquires in market high intent active car buyers to your dealership’s existing used vehicle inventory by VIN, who has browsed our site with complete transparency in a non-invasive manner, while building a relationship with your dealership.

Our leads are car shoppers specifically interested in an exact vehicle with VIN# that resides in your pre-owned inventory. It is a 4 to 6 multi touch point system that the consumer has gone through with trackable results. This active car buyer requests immediate contact from your sales team about a vehicle they are already familiar with and interested in pursuing to buy.

This is significant and paramount to our business model, as the request for contact is solely initiated by the car buyer, as a result, this potential customer is attracted to your dealership at the point of contact, enriching the relationship. The value creation afforded by Car Zoo will have then run full circle.

Our lead generating initiative has been designed to run on its own or at the exact same time as every other campaign you’re running, while still producing a massive ROI.

-- compelling, are you interested?

Your dealership will receive the prospective customer’s first and last name, their email address, their year of birth, primary phone number, postal code, time with current employer, monthly income, the car shoppers monthly budget they have available to acquire an automobile, the VIN number of the requested vehicle, the car make, model and year, the vehicle list price and its odometer mileage reading in KM.

You take delivery of a high intent car buyer lead that finishes browsing on a specific vehicle display page that was requested by them, a prime candidate to convert to a sale or at a bare minimum, the ability to welcome the car shopper into your automotive group portfolio of available inventory if that vehicle does not become a viable solution.

No More 3rd Party Leads

Tired of spending a huge portion of your ad budget on 3rd party leads? Car Zoo generates 1st party leads for your dealership.

We take your active live inventory to in market car shoppers, show them a dynamic ad that syncs with your inventory feed, allow the car shopper to click on a vehicle of interest that then gives them access to not only the vehicle of interest, but your entire inventory to scroll. This interaction allows them to scroll, click, browse and carouse your available pre-owned inventory at their own leisure. At this point of interaction, they can proceed to learn more about a particular vehicle, with pictures and other pertinent information. If they remain interested, this car shopper will now become an active lead as they provide their personal information and request contact from the dealership -- a high intent lead for the sales person or business development team to contact.

Shift your dealership budgets away from relying on 3rd party leads. This product is the pre-owned game changer every dealership is looking for. The quality of customer we are seeing coming through the door is stronger than ever… a customer who is ready to buy.

Stop relying upon 3rd party leads or paying for endemic websites such as AutoTrader or Car Gurus as we change the platform and the conversation via Car Zoo VIN Leads that specifically help you move metal from your inventory of pre-owned cars.

Take control of your leads and your audience market and watch your sales and ROI soar.

Local In-Market Car Buyers

Strategically deliver your inventory to shoppers most likely to buy (In-Market, Owners, and Model-Line targeting once they click the vehicle of interest), delivering proactive In-Market Car Buyers, driving VIN-Specific Leads directly into your CRM.

The Dealership Problem

Finding and acquiring a self-identified car buyer interested in a specific vehicle that is within their existing inventory.

What we know

Dealerships frequently annoy potential customers with incessant telephone calls, but more importantly, making that point of contact without really knowing anything about what the potential car shopper wants.

Result: an irritated car buyer, receiving an impersonal call, their guard up, generally less willing to engage in conversation, is immediately estranged, though they may in fact very much want to make a purchase.

Car Zoo VIN Leads solves that, how?

We are engaging a car buyer, prior to the point of contact, in a non-invasive manner, starting with your specific vehicle, and providing you, the dealer, with the information to immediately allow for the building of a relationship with the dealership for brand equity. Because we are providing a lead of a car buyer who has actively expressed an interest in a pre-owned vehicle that sits in your inventory, resides within your dealership, our conversion of leads to sales are exponentially higher than traditional lead programs.

Car Zoo VIN Leads are all about results:

• Closing rates are, on average, between 12% to 21%
• Exceptional relationship building and dealership branding
• Optimal ROI in the profit equation

-- compelling results, are you interested?

The Dealership Solution

VIN Lead Generation with Car Zoo

Purchase an active car buyer lead specific to a vehicle within inventory, exponentially generating more sales by streamlining the car buying process, the length of time it takes to complete a purchase, freeing up valuable time of both car shopper and salesperson.

Matching a Dealership with a Car Buyer

Car Zoo’s unique approach of matching a dealership’s inventory to an active car buyer by lead generation, is as one dealership principal conveyed, the “Tinder” for a dealership – connecting a car buyer with a dealership by their exact motivation, choice and intent. The car buyer chooses you. Car Zoo brings together and matches “available” and “interested” car shoppers with a dealership in their area and puts them into the car of their choice. Car Zoo is the courting process of lead generation.


Accountability and Transparency - Automotive Intelligent Lead Generation

The dealership only pays for a lead tied to a car buyer’s interest in a vehicle that is on their lot; 100% accountable, and transparent ad management for intelligent automotive lead engagement. This is a lead generation solution that shortens the sales cycle, enhances the closing ratios of the dealership, expands their customer base, and realizes higher profits critical for the ROI objective.

This lead program is not offered by anyone else. Car Zoo singularly provides the added value proposition of the car shopper actively taking four to six steps before they provide the dealership with their information for contact. As a direct result the dealership takes delivery of a highly motivated car buyer, a prime candidate to pick up the vehicle and drive it home. If that particular vehicle is not the perfect match, the dealership, likely has the shopper on the lot and now has developed a warm personal relationship and the open door to welcome the car shopper into their automotive group portfolio of available inventory.

Car Zoo understands business requirements and enhances the process to produce an ROI in the profit equation for your dealership. We drive performance through customized VIN Level Lead Generation solutions tied specifically to your inventory in real-time with tailored marketing campaigns and proactive management of lead traffic – and you only pay for leads tied to a consumers interest in a vehicle that is on your lot; 100% accountable, and transparent ad management for intelligent automotive lead engagement to enrich your bottom line.


Car Zoo VIN Ad Deck Automation




Dynamic VIN Level Advertising attracts in-market authentic buyers when compared to generic search, text and display ads. Using Car Zoo’s “in market shopper” audiences and targets, with dynamically created ad units by means of your data management system, Car Zoo is able to match your inventory to a car shopper's exact intent.

The consumer audience in your geographically selected area will see a customized VIN advertisement depicting your dealership inventory that allows them to select the exact type of vehicle they are looking for and shorten the sales cycle.

The engaged customer then completes a three click completion flow to generate a high intent lead that finishes on a specific vehicle display page that was requested by them, thus a genuine interaction initiated and generated by the car purchasing user. At this point, they then actively enter mandatory fields of personal information.

So the bottom line is, Car Zoo will advertise, find, and deliver to a dealership, high intent car shoppers tied to their inventory. This is a lead generation solution that will actually enhance your closing ratios and in turn help grow your business, expand your consumer base, and realize higher profits for your critical ROI objective.

Additionally, once the car shopper browses and carouses the advertisement, if they drop off prior to the vehicle display page, we re-engage the user with Facebook and Google pixel placements along multiple steps of their experience, as we continue to display content that will hopefully resonate with them for a later engagement.

Our spider technology will in real-time, automatically crawl your inventory every 10 - 30 minutes in order to be up to date and prevent any advertising of vehicles that are no longer attributable to your dealership.



Every dealership faces the challenge of demonstrating the value of its products and services, to existing and potential customers, in the most viable and effective way obtainable. The Car Zoo network channel, with its market reach and dynamic capabilities will rapidly become a vital automotive branding, lead generation and communications channel for your dealership, establishing and enhancing your dealership identity with the consumer buying audience.

Car Zoo connects a consumer with a vehicle and a dealership in kind, impacting customer acquisition and loyalty retention -- in a non-intrusive relevant matter that is purely permission based and compliant with all privacy laws. We provide a unique opportunity without "incentive laden" techniques or any "strings attached", access to dealership inventories while always adhering to the ideals of business etiquette and principles of trust.

With success, retention and accountability, we assist dealerships and grow their market sectors and revenue streams by acquiring high quality leads for direct response results tied to the ROI equation.

The key aspect of the network property is that it adds value to the user's experience. When the consumer has finished "clicking, browsing and carousing", they have already built a relationship with your dealership, creating brand equity. This strategy works as the request for further information was created by the consumer and not by the dealership.

one last

Lead generation solutions will only yield successful results if the appropriate initiatives are in place to value the relationship upon its inception.

It is not a simple task and will require a predetermined infrastructure set in place by both the management and sales team for the sustenance of the lead and not its abandonment. Monies and budgets go into attracting new customers, while the ultimately more important task of nourishing the existing car buyer lead gets a lower glamour rating.

We continuously remind our clients that loyalty marketing will yield both short term growth and long term success. The key is to engage the potential car buyer and reward their intent. This is a significant proposition to the value creation, as not every single potential lead will concede the immediacy of a sale. Offering a consistently vivid experience with your brand is something a competitor cannot match. With a well-orchestrated program to cultivate business, the result will be an increase in conversion and retention – and the prospects for a positive relationship with customers and ROI will soar.

Car Zoo facilitates a genuine interaction of marketing that is capable of leveraging brand awareness with loyalty to cultivate business and guide lead generation solutions according to business goals, and do so in a much friendlier manner. Branding is being conducted in a non-invasive style, providing the most effective way for a dealership to acquire and maintain a potential car buyer. The value creation afforded by the network will have then run full circle and the dealership will be poised to renew its media placement.


Personal Information

First and Last Name


Primary Phone

Residential Information

Postal Code

Vehicle Information

VIN Number of Vehicle customer is looking for

Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model

Vehicle Year

List Price



Cody Montana Media Inc. manages and operates multiple business-to-audience network properties that are attentive to the needs of our audience, as we place value and loyalty at the core of our relationships. With every project we are involved in, we foster a positive difference through a strong sense of ethical identity, etiquette and protocol.

Specializing in acquiring media and specialized content for consumer traffic, we offer lead solutions for our clients in order to turn an ROI with etiquette and business acumen second to none. We believe in a paramount of integrity and do not sacrifice this vision for any initiative in any way.

Every one of our leads is exclusive and not resold – ever.

We generate first party, sponsored, partner, home grown, paid media and organic traffic to our site property.

Our VIN level auto leads are specific to your dealership with the built in mandate that our car shopper audience identifies with, has knowledge of, and is acquainted with the Car Zoo platform in connecting them with an automotive dealer that can get them in their ride of choice.

We are not the biggest. In fact we are a small Canadian footprint company that yields success for doing things the right way.